This Simple Strategy Drives New Clients To Your Local Agency Every Day

It’s like the ultimate cheat sheet for getting high-paying local clients.

Discover the exact formula I use to get clients coming to me, ready to buy!


Robert Dickson here local agency owner for over 15 years, and digital marketer for almost 25.

I want to share something incredible with you, especially if you’re in the digital marketing agency space, or thinking about diving into it. If you’re tired of the constant hustle to find new clients and the idea of cold calling makes you cringe, you’re not alone. But I’ve got a solution that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Imagine this: You can bring high-paying clients through your agency’s doors without the headache of hard-selling or chasing after prospects. It’s not a distant dream – it’s a straightforward strategy that I’m here to lay out for you.

When I started, I knew nothing!  Like many of us, I started with a ton of ambition and no formal training. I kicked off my journey building websites from my parents’ basement after college.  Today, I haven’t held a traditional job in over 15 years.

So, how do I do it?
How do I attract these high-paying clients without breaking a sweat?

For years, I’ve focused on strategies that draw prospects to me, making them eager to work together. Whether it’s through casual, offline methods that spark curiosity or automated prospecting techniques that have my inbox overflowing with messages and calls, the key is to be seeking to genuinely help them. When you help people, they trust you, and that trust leads to them becoming long-term clients.

Remember, people prefer to buy from those they know, like, and trust.

I’ve refined my methods several times over the years, but the strategy I’ve been using recently is unlike any other.

You’ll get…

Massive Response Rates


Instant Rapport

Clients Ready To Buy and Refer

Simple Client Blueprint

A Simple Roadmap For a Steady Stream of Clients

End the Client Chase for Good

Land Clients That Stick Around for the Long Haul

Unlock Freedom and Flexibility for Your Agency

Effortless, Automated Lead Generation Strategies

Streamlined, Foolproof Training Modules

No Experience Needed – Start Today with Confidence

Do My Strategies Work?

Here’s just one credit card account from the past year…

Here are some of our recurring billings.  Our strategies produce clients that stick around!

My strategies produce high-ticket buyers!

By Following This Simple Blueprint, You Will:

Attract clients who are eager to work with you.

Cultivate stronger and more rewarding client relationships.

Close more deals, and get more client referrals.

Enjoy consistent and predictable client growth.

Regain control of your time and enjoy a more balanced life.

Just a Bit of What Awaits You Inside…

The revolutionary strategy for effortlessly attracting and retaining high-paying clients.

The secret to commanding premium fees right from the start, without any hard sales tactics.

The science of closing deals without resorting to traditional sales methods.

The secret for building client relationships that stand the test of time.

Insider techniques for scaling your agency effortlessly.

Strategies for increasing client value and fostering loyalty over the long haul.

Positioning your agency as the go-to authority in your area and beyond.

How to create a reliable stream of recurring income that transforms your agency's financial stability.

How to transition clients to high-dollar services while staying miles ahead of the competition.

How to transform prospects into enthusiastic, long-term advocates of your agency's services.

How to maximize client value through effective onboarding techniques.

Passive income opportunities with high-paying, long-term clients.

Elevating your agency's performance to reap the rewards of your expertise.

I’ve included everything you need to be successful with this!

The Exact Blueprint for Getting Clients in the Door

You’ll receive a comprehensive roadmap that guides you through the entire client acquisition process, from attracting high-paying prospects to securing projects that can supercharge your agency’s success.

Ready-to-Use Email Templates

No need to guess what to say or how to approach potential clients. Gain access to the exact email templates I’ve personally used to spark interest and secure high-paying projects.

Effective Client Onboarding Strategies

Learn how to smoothly transition new clients into long-term, high-value partnerships, ensuring they stay with you for the long haul.

Bonus Resources and Tools

Unlock a treasure trove of bonus resources, including cheat sheets, checklists, and exclusive tools that streamline your client acquisition efforts.

Ongoing Support and Updates

You’ll never be on this journey alone.

Gain access to our community for support, and receive regular updates to keep your strategies fresh and effective.

With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in effortlessly acquiring high-paying clients and growing your digital marketing agency.

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What People Say About My Trainings

Here’s Everything You’ll Get On The Inside

Module 1: Foundation of Success

Dive into the course and discover how it will transform your agency.
Learn what lies ahead and how it all comes together.
Lay the foundation for effortless client acquisition.

Module 2: The Blueprint Unveiled

Uncover the core strategy for drawing high-paying clients.
Explore the secrets of building a client base that comes to you.
Learn the key to ending feast-or-famine income cycles.

Module 3: Effortless Client Discovery

Discover the art of finding and attracting ideal clients effortlessly.
Explore methods that turn prospects into enthusiastic clients.
Learn exactly how to pinpoint clients who are eager to work with you.

Module 4: Closing Deals with Confidence

Master the science of securing clients without the hard sell.
Unlock the secrets to converting inquiries into revenue.
Learn techniques that make clients excited to sign up.

Module 5: Delivering Exceptional Services

Explore strategies for exceeding client expectations and building loyalty.
Learn the art of smoothly transitioning new clients into your agency.
Discover the keys to keeping clients on board for the long haul.

Module 6: Scaling for Growth

Unlock the potential for exponential growth with our proven techniques.
Explore strategies for continuously attracting new clients.
Learn what additional services to offer, and how to approach clients.

Module 7: Sustaining Ongoing Profits

Secure steady, predictable income with our proven methods.
Foster lasting client relationships and loyalty.
Explore opportunities for achieving long-term profitability.

For a Limited Time, Get Access To An Amazing Prospecting Software as a Bonus

Local Leads Pro

Your Shortcut to High-Paying Clients

? Effortlessly Identify Ideal Prospects
? Uncover Problems you can Solve
? Build an Extensive List of Prospects
? Streamline Your Client Outreach
? Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Tools
? Supported by a Professional Development Team

Local Leads Pro Makes It Easy To Find and Contact The Exact Prospects You Want To Reach

Find Ideal Prospects with Ease

Our intuitive interface simplifies the search for prospects in any niche you desire. Instantly identify ideal clients who are ready to have their problems solved.

No other tool offers the ability to evaluate a client’s website at a glance, revealing issues that you can address promptly, leading to potential clients seeking your services.

Build a Huge Prospect List

Local Leads Pro was designed to enable you to effortlessly sort, filter, and download your leads, making them readily available for use in other systems.

Create an extensive list of prospects facing issues you have the perfect solutions for, in no time at all. Discover not only their contact information but also their social profiles, allowing you to leverage social messaging to attract new clients.

Automated Prospect Outreach

Another standout feature of Local Leads Pro is its capacity to automate outreach. Let your team handle the communication with your prospects, even while you sleep.

This strategy is the key to having potential clients reach out to you, ready to engage your services to resolve their problems. It’s a targeted and strategic approach designed to help you achieve your ultimate goal: landing high-paying clients without the need for traditional sales tactics.

With your PRO Agency License, you can have multiple people using your account, making it easy for you to scale.

Plus When You Buy Today, You’ll Get Full Access To These Exclusive Bonuses

? Laid Back Local Training

Discover the Laid Back Local strategies my long time business partner Neil used to build his client base from scratch and give it a boost any time he needs more business.

You’ll learn how to get high value clients coming to YOU, ready to buy your services without ANYTHING out of your pocket.

? PRO Agency License for Local Leads Pro ($97 Value)

Harness the full power of Local Leads Prowith your entire team. Empower up to three additional members to utilize this cutting-edge software around the clock. Search any niche, any city, anytime, and transform your agency’s capabilities.

? Deal Closing Proposal Template
($67 Value)

Closing deals is as easy as sending a compelling proposal that clearly communicates the value you bring. We’ve got you covered with a plug-and-play, proven-to-close proposal template that will help you seal the deal with confidence.

? Service Delivery Checklists
($97 Value)

Streamline your service delivery with our meticulously crafted checklists. Each checklist corresponds to the recurring services we teach in the system, ensuring that you follow a step-by-step process to start driving new leads for your clients as soon as they sign up.

? Foot-In-The-Door Service Delivery Template ($67 Value)

Our top-selling “foot in the door” offer is now even easier to deliver. Utilize our template to expedite the process, saving you precious time and ultimately increasing your profitability. After all, time is money.

? Done For You Email Marketing Messages ($47 Value)

Raise your email marketing game with our proven email message templates. You’ll have a valuable arsenal of email messages that have been tested and proven to capture prospects’ attention and prompt them to take action.

? Sample Contract ($47 Value)

This makes it easy to get clients to sign on quickly. Use our sample contract as a starting point to establish clear arrangements whenever needed.

These exclusive bonuses are your keys to success, ensuring that you have all the tools, templates, and resources you need to succeed in getting high-paying clients.

Start Landing New Clients Today!

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Right now, the opportunity to land high-paying clients is right at your fingertips, and I’m on a mission to help you achieve success in this highly profitable business.

That’s why I’ve created the Simple Client Blueprint, a step-by-step training program that I’m offering at an incredible value.

Say goodbye to the grind of chasing clients and hello to a future where high-paying clients come to you, thrilled to be working with. Sign on to the Simple Client Blueprint today, and let’s make landing high-paying clients a breeze.

? Grab it now for a low, low price (before the price goes up to $97), and let’s get you on the path to several new clients by next week. ?

Don’t miss this opportunity to simplify your agency’s growth and enjoy the freedom and success you’ve been dreaming of.   Let’s get started!


See You On The Inside

Robert Dickson

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