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A Proven Strategy for Local Marketing Agencies

My goal for this was to create a course that outlines exactly how I am getting new clients in the door every day, without any complex strategies or long hours, but with a very simple method that not only gets new clients, but builds a referral network, and positions me as the expert to everyone I talk to.

An entire local agency can be built and grown on this single strategy, and I am excited about sharing it with everyone!

Highly Congruent Lead Generation Software as a Bonus:

As if the course itself isn’t enticing enough, your audience will also receive access to a highly congruent lead generation software as a bonus. This means they not only learn the strategy but also gain the tools to implement it effectively.

Lucrative Affiliate Commissions

We are offering generous commissions for every sale you generate. With our proven sales funnel, you can maximize your earnings effortlessly.

Over $4,000 in Cash Prizes

But wait, there’s more! We are giving away up to $4,000+ in cash prizes. The more you sell, the higher your chances of securing a substantial cash prize.

This goes LIVE on
October 17th @ 11am EDT









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What exactly is Simple Client Blueprint and why should you promote this offer?

The Simple Client Blueprint is not just another course.  It’s a game-changer.

Here’s what your audience can expect:

Proven Client Acquisition Strategy

Learn the exact steps to attract and acquire high-value clients for web design and digital marketing services.

Comprehensive Training

Our course is designed to be easy to follow, even for beginners. It covers everything from client targeting to closing deals.

Real-World Examples

Benefit from real case studies and examples that illustrate how this strategy has worked wonders.

Bonus Lead Generation Software

Gain access to a powerful lead generation software that complements the course, making it easier than ever to implement the strategy.

Lifetime Access

Your audience gets lifetime access to the course content, ensuring they can revisit and apply the knowledge whenever they need.

Your Subscribers Will Also Get Access to my new Local Leads Pro Software as a Front End BONUS!


This is a Massive Value!

This is the perfect tool for finding the exact prospects that will love what we offer.

With this software, user can easily identify exactly what a business needs help with, and reach out to them right in the platform with a custom, but pre-written message.

The course will teach them exactly what to say, and how to make sure these prospects respond!

The commercial license is included on the front end, plus the ability for multiple users.

A demo video is coming…

This High Value Funnel Pays up to $120 per Customer!

Front End Offer

Main Training Course with Software Bonus


OTO #1

Client Landing DFY Materials Upgrade Package


OTO #2

WordPress plugin they can use to give the main strategy even more power.


OTO #3

Local Marketing Bootcamp


You get 50% Commission Across the Funnel!

My Products Convert!

They regularly get $5-10 EPCs!

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As if that wasn’t enough, I am giving away over $4,000 in JV Prizes!



Main Contest Details…

1st Place

$500 Cash

2nd Place

$300 Cash

3rd Place

$200 Cash

4th Place

$100 Cash

5th Place

$50 Cash

Speed Contest Prizes…

First to 200 Sales

$1500 Cash

Next to 100 Sales


$750 Cash

Next to 75 Sales


$500 Cash

Next to 50 Sales


$300 Cash

Next to 25 Sales


$150 Cash

This Goes Live on October 17th @ 11am EDT!

Launch Schedule

Tuesday, October 17th – Offer Goes Live at 11am EDT

Early Bird Ends with Price Increase @ 5pm EDT

Wednesday, May 18th

Price Increases @ 5pm EDT

Thursday, October 19th

Price increases @ 5pm EDT

Friday, October 20th
(Closing Day)

Final Price Increase to $97 @ Midnight EDT

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Robert Dickson

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